Welcome To Cyans Build a Trike from a  Bike on a  budget Site

Yep  Ole Cyans  gone off his rockers altogether and is now  building from scratch a trike from a  bike  on a budget  this means that I`m going to be talking you through  the build process from start to finish from xs750 to trike  to svas  to  on the road  and then who knows  maybe more! Like pubs castles and ghostie thing as i go to on said trike  folk festivals  steam gatherings   who knows the world will be my oyster!  There are Three main things to remember before you  click the next  page button  ..


I `m  english, so I use words which  those of the colonies   may not understand. I make no appology  for this  but  warn those in the  general scheme of things so as not to offend any one!

Two !

I know NOTHING  about building webites  Blogging  Or  undoing mistakes i make  so  I may make them  and  if  I can sort them I will  but if not  hey  such is life..


I intend to have as much fun as possible whilst   doing  both the build and the  site hoping that it gives people incentive to go away and  on a budget  get creative  if i can help  in any way i will but  remember the other two  rules ..

That said you`ll have  pics as I go .. theres a build blog  Cyans Rant blog  and a build page. I might if tempted (and I get to  work out how  ) to add  contact us,  and a " links to any where i find  helpfull " page but I`m not promising!!